New Site

I've been meaning to organize my work into a new site for several years. Mostly I've put it off because putting together yet another site didn't seem worth trouble. However this time it was actually fun.

The difference was a chance to learn some new technologies. Docpad, CoffeeScript, Eco, Less, and Twitter's Bootstrap were all used to create this site. The result is...well it's overkill for a personal web site and with the learning curve was too long...but really it's a pretty nice and very flexible site that can be added to and maintained with very little effort. In particular I recommend docpad as a tool to make it easy to pull all these pieces together.

I’ll continue to fiddle with this site for the foreseeable future, so please consider it a work in progress. In particular I want to do a lot more with the blog posts, including comments via Disqus and viewing posts by tag.

Recent Posts

Prototyping and Polyscheme

I’ve been working on a personal project I call PolyScheme which is a variation of Scheme with first-class types. I’ll talk about the results when it’s a bit farther along, for now I want to talk about how I created the project using prototyping, an approach to software development where you first create a working prototype using rapid prototyping techniques and once you’ve got it working rewrite it in a more performant (and management-approved) language. more

Santa Fe and Habitual Creativity

I’ve always been fairly creative. Not wearing odd cloths and performing at open poetry readings creative but rather the ability to step back and look at things in a different way, often leading to creative or "outside the box" solutions. Much of my supposed skill in software development, language design and such is really just applying this ability. You could even say I’m a one-trick pony who depends on this to get things done. more